I know many of our patrons are concerned about us closing- don’t worry, we will be staying open. However we have chosen to further reduce hours in order to allow our staff to remain home to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Because of our new safety procedures we have put in place to protect ourselves and our customers, we recommend calling ahead for curb side pick-up, but we will continue to allow customers inside the store in a limited capacity to accommodate your needs during this time.  Thank you all so very much for your continued support and patience, together we will make it through this!

Our new hours are as follows:

Tuesday-Saturday 12PM – 6PM

Liquor and Wine Tasting Events Make Finding a New Holiday Favorite Easy!

The time is finally upon us, the holidays are just around the corner which means the time for gatherings of family and loved ones, and plenty of occasions to celebrate and raise our glasses in a toast to life.  The wine or spirit you use to fill that glass can be the perfect capstone to any joyous occasion, but as any wine or spirit connoisseur can attest to, the robust market and selection we enjoy today can make finding something new an exercise in frustration when a purchase doesn’t live up to taste expectations.  Although rating systems and recommendations from others can help narrow the choices down, liquor and wine tastings have no equal when it comes to trying something new.  At E-Ville Spirits and Wine we take pride in our ability to provide liquor and wine tasting events in order to let our customers try wine and spirits, without having to invest their hard-earned money into a bottle with little else to go by than the label or a recommendation.


liquor and wine tasting


Our liquor and wine tasting events are a great way to try before you buy, and we make our selections for these tastings based on wines and spirits that we love, or new and featured items in the shop.  These tastings are free of charge and no sign-up is required, follow us on Facebook or head over to our Upcoming Events page in order to keep informed on when we will be holding events in the shop or elsewhere.   We have a great line-up of events leading up to Christmas and through New Year’s day, so let us help you this year in finding the perfect bottle of wine or liquor for all of your celebratory needs!

Forget Something?  Liquor Delivery Can Save the Day!

The day has finally come for the get together you worked hard to get organized.  The stars have aligned and you, your friends, and your family managed to get time off to celebrate either a special occasion or just the chance to be together for the day.  However you soon discover you forgot to stock up on the alcoholic beverages or bottle of wine you were counting on to help you relax and enjoy your day to the fullest, and the closest place to make your purchases of liquor and fine wine will require a drive you don’t have time for.  If you’ve found yourself in this scenario and live in the areas around Ellicottville, Olean, or Salamanca liquor delivery may be just what you need to save the day!salamanca liquor delivery

E-Ville Spirits and Wine delivers to all areas of Cattaraugus County, Little Valley, Olean, Humphrey, Salamanca, Franklinville, Ashford, West Valley, and Springville.  Whether you find yourself in the situation described above or you just want to save yourself a trip and still get your favorite bottle of wine or liquor, we’ve got you covered.  We offer one of the best selection of wines in the area, including our selection of Cabernet Sauvignon we are especially proud of, and work diligently to continue to bring in new and interesting finds.  For our liquor fans, we have an extensive selection of Scotch and Bourbon (For our enthusiasts we also offer a quarterly Scotch club and a quarterly Bourbon club)  and everything in between, and we will happily bring in special requests when possible.salamanca liquor delivery

We know your time is precious and we’re happy to save you time while you enjoy spending your time where it matters, with your friends and family.  Just a few clicks or a phone call away, E-Ville Spirits is here for you!

Are you on the hunt for somewhere to buy quality spirits and wine?

If you find yourself on the hunt for that special bottle you can’t find at the grocery store or another purveyor of spirits and wine near you, we may be just what you need!  E-Ville Spirits and Wine, in Ellicottville NY, can provide the solution for your inability to find the perfect wine or spirit to satiate your desire!    Our store is locally owned and operated, with an abundance of pride and love for what we do, that goes into making sure every customer leaves with a desire to be back soon.  If you live in the surrounding area or are visiting Ellicottville to enjoy the wonderful local restaurants and businesses, be sure to stop in to experience all that we have to offer in our beautiful and homey store.   Our shop has an extensive collection of wines ranging from your standard casual drinking wines to rare and hard to find bottles that will be sure to make any celebration a memorable one.  spirits and wine

We also have a large selection of spirits and are constantly on the look-out for new and exciting finds to add to our line-up.  We are especially proud of the bourbon and scotch’s that we have available, and maintain both a bourbon and a scotch club that we use to try to hunt down and secure hard to find gems that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.spirits and wine  Our staff is comprised of spirits and wine lovers as well, and we love offering recommendations for anyone searching for something new based on what we found pleasing to our own palates.  Next time you find yourself in or near Ellicottville, stop by and experience what we have to offer, we’ll be sure to make your visit worth your time!

Do you love a fine wine?  Are you searching for a wine store in Olean NY that not only carries all of your favorites but can also introduce you to exceptional fine wines? There is no need to look any further than E-Ville Spirits and Wines!

wine store in Olean NY

Why Choose E-Ville Spirits and Wines in Ellicottville NY?

We are a uniquely styled wine and liquor shop located in Ellicottville, New York serving all of Cattaraugus County and Olean NY. At E-Ville Spirits and Wines we carry all of your favorites but we also love to make recommendations and encourage our customers to open their pallet and try new wines.

We carry  largest selection of FINE wine in the Southern Tier and our customers come first. We want you to feel welcomed, appreciated, and comfortable asking for assistance and recommendations.   Since 2003, we feature wines from all around the world, specializing in areas such as California, Italy, and France. Our newly remodeled Wine Room holds an impressive selection of Highly Rated wines for even the most discerning customer. You can shop online and check out many of our exceptional fine wines right here: https://evillespirits.com/shop/special-Highly-rated-wines/

wine store in Olean NY

We Offer Delivery Too!

E-Ville Spirits and Wine stocks a large variety of wines designed to appeal to all tastes.  We  provide a delivery service of wine and liquor for Ellicottville, New York and the local area. Our delivery service within Ellicottville is FREE and offered the same day.

If you live in Olean or any of the surrounding areas you can shop for all your favorite wines and order online right here.  We will deliver your products to you the next day  for $10 per order with a minimum order of $25.  Want us to deliver to you?  Check out delivery coverage and policies here. 

Don’t forget that when you are looking for a wine store in Olean NY, Ellicottville is right next door and we do next day delivery right to your front door.  Enjoying your favorite wines doesn’t get much easier than this!

Love Bourbon?  Then joining E-ville Spirits & Wines quarterly Bourbon Club is a must do!  It’s FREE to join and you get first access to small batch bourbon releases.   Plus, when you become a member you’ll get 10% off of all your regular priced in stock Bourbon purchases all year round.    Join now…don’t delay!

Why Join Our Bourbon Club?

The best reason to join our Club is that you will get to expand your knowledge of Bourbon.  Four times throughout the year you will receive one or two outstanding, hand-picked bottles of bourbon.   You also get a detailed description of the bottles that you receive. Some quarters may even include whiskey related accessories such as whiskey stones or glassware too.

Sign up for our quarterly club to get notified when we get exclusive and hard to get bourbons in the shop.  This year we tasted three differently finished bourbons by Savage and Cooke, created by Orin Swift. We then created a blend that will become our own signature barrel of bourbon.  First chance at getting one of these E-Ville Spirits and Wines signature bottles of Bourbon will offered to our Bourbon Club members.

bourbon club signature blend














Want to get a 10% discount on regular priced in stock Bourbon?  Join our Bourbon Club and  you will receive 10% off on great bottles like these:

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon,

Breckenridge Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon


basil hayden, widow jane, high west











At E-Ville Spirits and Wines, in Ellicottville, NY we carry many bottles of fine bourbons from a variety of distilleries.  We also receive random shipments throughout the year of our allocated bottles of Weller, Pappy, George T Stagg, and Blanton’s. Stop into our  shop at 10 Monroe Street and see what treasured bottles we have, purchase online, or join our bourbon club for early access to rarer bottles and exposure to different and unique bourbons throughout the year.

Love a good quality Cabernet Sauvignon?  We do too!  At E-Ville Spirits and Wines we take pride in the quality of the wines that we feature in our shop.  Cabernet quality is so important to us that we personally taste and rate each wine that we sell in our store.

Cabernet quality grapes

What is Cabernet Sauvignon?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a small, blueish colored, thick-skinned grape. It has a high pip (which gives it it’s tannins) to pulp ratio.  The thick skins give it the deep rich color.   One of our favorite varieties, Cabernet is  now considered the worlds most prevalent red wine grape variety and quality Cabernet grapes are grown throughout the world.

What are the Characteristics of Cabernet?

The flavor profile of a Cabernet will vary depending on where the grape is grown.  It can even vary from one region or sub-region to another.   What do you look for when your choosing a Cabernet?  Some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon wines are full bodied with a good well balanced structure and deep color. They are tannic in youth, especially when matured in oak, and often require a few years to soften before they become enjoyable to drink.

Why does Cabernet Quality Matter?

First of all, nobody wants to throw their money away ever, right? So first and foremost if you are not buying a Cabernet of good quality then you are just wasting your money, enough said.  Secondly, do you like to lay your wines down and let them age? If so then Cabernet quality should matter to you.  A good quality Cabernet can be quite  tannic in youth.  With a few years of aging it will soften and become enjoyable to drink.  Many Cabernet wines are organic or even biodynamic and quality Cabernet’s don’t have additives.  So when you are spending your money, spend wisely and remember that Cabernet quality does matter.

 3of Our Favorite Affordable, Quality Cabernet Wines at E-Ville Spirits:

Sean Minor Cabernet Sauvignon $16.99 – this Pasa Robles Cabernet Sauvignon is ruby red in color and displays aromas of black cherry, plum and violets.

Ramsey Cabernet Sauvignon $17.99 – a North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon full of deep cherry and berry flavors with a chewy mouth feel.

Oberon Cabernet Sauvignon $24.99 – a classic Napa Valley with deep, rich color and a concentrated velvety black fruit character.

At E-Ville Spirits and we pride ourselves on carrying some of the best quality wines in the the area.  You can stop in the store located at 10 Monroe St. in Ellicottville, NY 14731 or you can shop online for all of the wines and liquors that we have in stock.  Dont’ forget to Like Us on Facebook   to see all of our tasting events and classes too!



You’ve decided that one of your life pleasures is enjoying a fine glass of Bourbon.  You’ve started to amass quite a collection. Now how are you going to ensure that your investment in Bourbons lasts as long as possible.  Proper bourbon storage is the answer!

bottles of bourbon storage

Many of the finer bourbon bottles are quite interesting and unique.  If you have acquired a half dozen or more of fine bottles then it’s time to show off your collection!  You might want to consider setting up some type of bourbon display as a form of storage for your bourbon.  A glass display cabinet or some deep wooden shelves would both work well.  You could add some overhead lighting or a spotlight to highlight the bottles and varying colors of the different styles of bourbon. You could organize your bottles alphabetically or group them together by region or distillery.

Join our quarterly bourbon club to try new bourbons and grow your collection even more!

Bourbon Storage Basics:

Store your bourbon upright.
Unlike wine which should always be stored on it’s side, bourbon should always be stored in the upright position. You want to protect the cork in the bourbon bottle.  The high alcohol content of the bourbon will destroy the cork if it is in contact with it for a long period of time.

Keep it out of direct sunlight.
While there is no hard proof that direct sunlight will hurt or ruin your collection, it certainly won’t help it so why take the risk.  If you have the space set up your bourbon storage or display in an area that is out of the direct sunlight.

Protect your bourbon from temperature extremes.

The ideal bourbon storage area would be one that is consistent in temperature. Storing your bourbon in a hot attic space or above a garage is not ideal.  Extreme heat can cause significant loss in volume of your bourbon as evaporation occurs.  An easily accessible living space is the best option for bourbon storage.  If the temperature of the room is comfortable for you then it’s good for your bourbon too.

Bourbon storage doesn’t have to be difficult, allow yourself to be creative and have fun with it.

We love bourbon at E-Ville Spirits and we pride ourselves on carrying some of the best small batch bourbons available anywhere.   You can stop in the store located at 10 Monroe St. in Ellicottville, NY 14731 or you can shop online for all of the bourbons that we have in stock.

Visiting Ellicottville, NY?  At E-Ville Spirits and Wines we always have wine tastings in our shop located at 10 Monroe St. for you to stop in and enjoy.  Most weekends we will  have liquor tastings too.

wine tastings

Different wines have very different aromas, flavors and finishes.  What you taste when you are at a wine tasting may be completely different than what another person tastes.  Your individual palate  plays a huge factor in what you enjoy when you taste a wine for the first time.  What you are pairing that wine with will also change what flavors and aromas come forward.  Do you like a buttery wine or a wine heavy on tannins?  Attending wine tastings are a great way to discern what you prefer in a wine.  Tastings can also introduce you to different varieties of wines and grapes that you may not have ever tried.

What To Expect at Our Wine Tastings:

A typical wine tasting at E-Ville Spirits and Wines will feature both red wines and white wines. Cabernet Sauvignons are a popular type of red wine that we sample often.  The Pinot Noir grape is one of our favorites and more often than not we will have a fine Pinot for you to try.  Chardonnay, is another wine that we like to feature.  A chardonnay can be oaked or unoaked and wine tastings can provide you with a comparison to see which appeals to your palate more. Know that you don’t like oak?   Our Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blancs are most likely more your style of white wine.  Most of the wines that we taste can be purchased in the shop and online right here.  We like to have wine tastings that expose you to new wines with unique flavors so you can try something new before you buy it.  Want to join us at our upcoming wine tastings?   Like Us on Facebook to see all of our tasting events and classes and follow our website calendar here.


Whether you are  building your bourbon collection or just looking  to try new select bourbons, look no further than E-Ville Spirits Wine and Liquor store in Ellicottville, NY.  We always feature a bourbon of the month  and we offer over 35 different bourbons that can be purchased online. We also have many other special and select casks that are available only in the store or by joining our quarterly Bourbon Club.

bourbon barrels

This month we would like to introduce you to Jefferson’s Ocean.   It is produced by Jefferson which was founded in 1997 by Chet and Trey Zoeller.  Jefferson’s is located just minutes from downtown Louisville, at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery in Crestwood, Kentucky. Jefferson’s Ocean is a thick, dark bourbon that showcases complex flavors as it ages in barrels aboard a sea bound ship.

OREACH  and Jefferson’s

In 2012 Jefferson’s  partnered with OCEARCH.  This globally recognized nonprofit is dedicated to the study and tracking of keystone marine species.  Jefferson’s wanted to test out a theory.  The theory being that constant movement of the liquid in the barrels ages the whiskey faster because more of the liquid is in contact with the wood more often.  Hence,  Jefferson’s Ocean was born. Each barrel of Jefferson’s Ocean  crosses the equator four times, visits five continents and over 30 ports on an average sailing.  This is said to give it it’s unique briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air.  Jefferson’s ocean is our select bourbon this quarter in our Bourbon Club.

jeffersons ocean bourbon aged at sea

At E-Ville Spirits and Wines, in Ellicottville, NY we carry many bottles of fine bourbons from a variety of distilleries.  We also receive random shipments throughout the year of our allocated bottles of Weller, Pappy, George T Stagg, and Blanton’s. Stop in the shop and see what treasured bottles we have, purchase online, or join our bourbon club for exclusive knowledge on when the rarer bottles arrive!