Bourbon Storage – How to Preserve Your Investment

You’ve decided that one of your life pleasures is enjoying a fine glass of Bourbon.  You’ve started to amass quite a collection. Now how are you going to ensure that your investment in Bourbons lasts as long as possible.  Proper bourbon storage is the answer!

bottles of bourbon storage

Many of the finer bourbon bottles are quite interesting and unique.  If you have acquired a half dozen or more of fine bottles then it’s time to show off your collection!  You might want to consider setting up some type of bourbon display as a form of storage for your bourbon.  A glass display cabinet or some deep wooden shelves would both work well.  You could add some overhead lighting or a spotlight to highlight the bottles and varying colors of the different styles of bourbon. You could organize your bottles alphabetically or group them together by region or distillery.

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Bourbon Storage Basics:

Store your bourbon upright.
Unlike wine which should always be stored on it’s side, bourbon should always be stored in the upright position. You want to protect the cork in the bourbon bottle.  The high alcohol content of the bourbon will destroy the cork if it is in contact with it for a long period of time.

Keep it out of direct sunlight.
While there is no hard proof that direct sunlight will hurt or ruin your collection, it certainly won’t help it so why take the risk.  If you have the space set up your bourbon storage or display in an area that is out of the direct sunlight.

Protect your bourbon from temperature extremes.

The ideal bourbon storage area would be one that is consistent in temperature. Storing your bourbon in a hot attic space or above a garage is not ideal.  Extreme heat can cause significant loss in volume of your bourbon as evaporation occurs.  An easily accessible living space is the best option for bourbon storage.  If the temperature of the room is comfortable for you then it’s good for your bourbon too.

Bourbon storage doesn’t have to be difficult, allow yourself to be creative and have fun with it.

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