Bourbon of the Month

Whether you are  building your bourbon collection or just looking  to try new select bourbons, look no further than E-Ville Spirits Wine and Liquor store in Ellicottville, NY.  We always feature a bourbon of the month  and we offer over 35 different bourbons that can be purchased online. We also have many other special and select casks that are available only in the store or by joining our quarterly Bourbon Club.

bourbon barrels

This month we would like to introduce you to Jefferson’s Ocean.   It is produced by Jefferson which was founded in 1997 by Chet and Trey Zoeller.  Jefferson’s is located just minutes from downtown Louisville, at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery in Crestwood, Kentucky. Jefferson’s Ocean is a thick, dark bourbon that showcases complex flavors as it ages in barrels aboard a sea bound ship.

OREACH  and Jefferson’s

In 2012 Jefferson’s  partnered with OCEARCH.  This globally recognized nonprofit is dedicated to the study and tracking of keystone marine species.  Jefferson’s wanted to test out a theory.  The theory being that constant movement of the liquid in the barrels ages the whiskey faster because more of the liquid is in contact with the wood more often.  Hence,  Jefferson’s Ocean was born. Each barrel of Jefferson’s Ocean  crosses the equator four times, visits five continents and over 30 ports on an average sailing.  This is said to give it it’s unique briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air.  Jefferson’s ocean is our select bourbon this quarter in our Bourbon Club.

jeffersons ocean bourbon aged at sea

At E-Ville Spirits and Wines, in Ellicottville, NY we carry many bottles of fine bourbons from a variety of distilleries.  We also receive random shipments throughout the year of our allocated bottles of Weller, Pappy, George T Stagg, and Blanton’s. Stop in the shop and see what treasured bottles we have, purchase online, or join our bourbon club for exclusive knowledge on when the rarer bottles arrive!

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