Bourbon Club – Join Now and Get 10% Off

Love Bourbon?  Then joining E-ville Spirits & Wines quarterly Bourbon Club is a must do!  It’s FREE to join and you get first access to small batch bourbon releases.   Plus, when you become a member you’ll get 10% off of all your regular priced in stock Bourbon purchases all year round.    Join now…don’t delay!

Why Join Our Bourbon Club?

The best reason to join our Club is that you will get to expand your knowledge of Bourbon.  Four times throughout the year you will receive one or two outstanding, hand-picked bottles of bourbon.   You also get a detailed description of the bottles that you receive. Some quarters may even include whiskey related accessories such as whiskey stones or glassware too.

Sign up for our quarterly club to get notified when we get exclusive and hard to get bourbons in the shop.  This year we tasted three differently finished bourbons by Savage and Cooke, created by Orin Swift. We then created a blend that will become our own signature barrel of bourbon.  First chance at getting one of these E-Ville Spirits and Wines signature bottles of Bourbon will offered to our Bourbon Club members.

bourbon club signature blend














Want to get a 10% discount on regular priced in stock Bourbon?  Join our Bourbon Club and  you will receive 10% off on great bottles like these:

Basil Hayden’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon,

Breckenridge Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon


basil hayden, widow jane, high west











At E-Ville Spirits and Wines, in Ellicottville, NY we carry many bottles of fine bourbons from a variety of distilleries.  We also receive random shipments throughout the year of our allocated bottles of Weller, Pappy, George T Stagg, and Blanton’s. Stop into our  shop at 10 Monroe Street and see what treasured bottles we have, purchase online, or join our bourbon club for early access to rarer bottles and exposure to different and unique bourbons throughout the year.

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