1812 Vodka

1812 Vodka
Spirit Type: Vodka
Country: USA
Distiller: Niagara Distilling Co.
Alcohol: 40.00%
Size: 750 ml
Stock Status: Out of Stock

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Id: 68671
750 ml   $32.99


Try Niagara Distilling's 1812 Vodka, made in New York! Aromas of golden cereal grains and sweet heirloom corn cascade on the nose. A medium plush body streams across the tongue as calm water and vanilla takes the form of vodka on the palate. The lingering finish pronounces delight in its fullest form. This is truly a sip to savor!

All organic grain is mashed, fermented, and then distilled in order to provide customers with the best quality end product.

Niagara Distilling Company LLC is a farm to bottle distillery located in Buffalo, NY. As a New York State Farm Distillery, all Niagara Distilling's base products are from New York State Farms in and around the area. They have a personal relationship with their farmers and ensure they get the best products to build their spirits!


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