Wine & Liquor Clubs

Please download and return the form below or submit a request for one here and we will contact you with payment options. For your security we cannot accept payment over the internet.


Wine Club

Each month we explore a different wine region with our Wine of the Month Club members.  Three wines are selected. (value red, value white & a premium red) We publish a newsletter which includes a map, fun facts about the region and information about local winemaking. The wines are explained, described and paired with a dish native to the region. (Recipes are linked.) Members receive a discount on the featured wine averaging 20% off the retail price.

Value Wines = $15 or less for members. Premium Wines = $30 or less for members.

Wine Club Form


Bourbon Club

Whether you’re a bourbon connoisseur, or even a new found bourbon collector, we have just the thing for you! Here at E-Ville Spirits, we have a quarterly bourbon club! Joining our club has many perks. When you become a member of our bourbon club, you will receive one or two spectacular, hand-picked bottles of bourbon every quarter as well as information on the product you receive. The bourbon you receive will be rarer items or special releases that aren’t easily obtained and not found in your average liquor store. Your quarterly order may include drink recipes or whiskey related accessories such as whiskey stones or glassware.  When in the store, let our cashier know you’re part of our bourbon club and receive a 10% discount on all American Whiskey purchases including bourbon and rye! Also, as a member of the club, we will contact you sporadically throughout the year whenever we get a shipment of rare bourbon in along with exclusive tastings held here at our store. Don’t wait and miss out on a bottle you’ve been trying to get your hands on. Join our club today!

Our Bourbon Club Quarters are: June, September, December, and March.

We will contact you each quarter when your bourbon is ready for pickup. Shipping is limited, and there will be a small shipping and handling fee added to any shipped bottles.

Cost of this club is around $100 a quarter

E-Ville Spirits Bourbon Club Application



Single Malt Scotch Club

  • This club will get you one to two bottles a quarter (every three months, November, February, May and August)
  • These products will be rarer items and special releases not easily obtained
  • Information on products
  • Scotch related accessories such as Scotch stones and glassware
  • Cost is around $100 a quarter
  • Each member will receive a member card to show for 10% daily discount


Scotch Club Application Form


Club Terms

A credit card is required on file. Your card will be charged automatically.

Notice of cancellation is required a month before the start of the next quarter