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Free Wine Tasting in Ellicottville, NY This Saturday! On Saturday, December 22, Come and join us for a free wine tasting at our store in Ellicottville, New York. We will be featuring five diverse wines that will please your palate!

    I love seeing legs or tears of wine that swirl in  your wine glass. They are indications of alcohol percentage. Swirling your wine and the legs run down side of your glass are thin and move quickly, the

The buttery sensation you get in some wine comes from oak aging. Oak aging in wine can make the wine soft, creamy (similar to butter),vanilla and baking spice flavors. Buttery tastes could also come from diacetyl, a by product of malolatic

Most California wines that we carry at E-Ville Spirits & Wine here in Ellicottville, NY, under $20, are meant to be consumed within a year or two of release. Most of the worlds wines are meant to be consumed young. Whites are

With the variety of wines on the shelves vying for your attention when you walk into a wine store or supermarket, how do you choose which one to take home or to your special event? A catchy name or pretty

We’ve all been there before; we’re at the end of a long evening, having consumed a lot of wine, and an intense headache begins to form. For most of us, the cause of a wine headache is simply drinking too